Hardline Products: Resettable Hourmeter Product Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Having a meter on a dirt bike is as important as TP and matches are on a camping trip. Four-stroke motocrossers, especially, are very absentminded and can run amok if not properly monitored and maintained. I tell everyone the first thing they should do when buying a new bike is to install an hourmeter. Keeping track of the hours is the best way to follow a maintenance program with regard to oil changes, valve adjustments and top end or total engine rebuilds. Even if a newfangled fuel-injected model tracks total hours and/or other data inside the ignition box, I like to have a meter right there in plain sight for easy access.The Hardline unit is the next level in keeping track of time. In addition to tracking total time, it also has a separate tripmeter and alerts service reminders for air filter every five hours, oil change every 10 hours and valve adjustment every 20 hours. Although I don't completely agree with the schedule, it's a tool to help monitor intervals. All of the features can be set back to zero any time except for overall hours. Now when your buddy says he must have ridden for three hours at the moto track that day, you can look at his tripmeter and tell him he is full of it and he only logged in 65 minutes. Although I utilized durable two-sided tape to affix the unit to the frame around the steering stem aboard a 2011 KTM 450 SX-F, Hardline does offer a mounting bracket that attaches to the steering stem nut for an additional $7.99. The unit goes for $39.99 and the resettable features are very much appreciated. -Scott Hoffman

Hard Parts 91.0
Installation 19/20
Function 45/50
Durability 9/10
Design 9/10
Price 9/10