Dirt Bike Parts And Accessories

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Dirt bike parts are something that every rider will buy at some point because, like anything else, off-road motorcycles require maintenance. Regular wear items such as oil filters, grips, and air filters will need to be replaced, and these parts are available from both the OEM and the aftermarket.

In addition to purchasing parts to maintain their motorcycle, many riders also choose to modify their machines with dirt bike accessories, which are commonly aftermarket items that are designed to enhance the performance of the bike, or simply change the look of it. Some examples of dirt bike accessories include exhaust systems, wheels, suspension modifications, triple clamps, seats, and graphics.

Dirt Bike Engines

Dirt bike engines have a single cylinder and are either two-stroke or four-stroke. One of the most popular aftermarket modifications made to both types of engines are exhaust systems such as those from FMF and Pro Circuit. Other common replacement parts for the engine include air filters, clutches, and pistons.

Dirt Bike Suspension

Dirt bike suspension commonly consists of an inverted fork and a linkage-type shock for most models. Forks usually have compression and rebound adjustment with another modification being sliding the fork tubes up or down in the clamps. A shock commonly has spring preload, low-speed compression, high-speed compression, and rebound adjustment. Check out our tips to improve your suspension on a budget.

The most common suspension modification riders opt for is a revalve, which is offered by lots of different suspension tuners such as Factory Connection, Pro Circuit, Race Tech, and Enzo just to name a few. For those who want the best suspension money can buy, Showa, KYB, and WP sell what is referred to as “A-Kit” suspension, which is the highest-end suspension a consumer can purchase.

Dirt Bike Chassis

Aftermarket dirt bike chassis parts serve as a way for riders to customize their motorcycles to change its performance characteristics and/or alter its looks. Some common components riders will change or add to their bike are triple clamps, handlebars, grips, levers, footpegs, linkages, skid plates, and holeshot devices.