Acerbis Off-Road Skid Plate Review

Coach Seiji Ishii guards his 450 dual-sport bike with the Acerbis off-road skid plate.


Off-Road Skid PlateSeiji Ishii

Acerbis Off-Road Skid Plates are molded out of polypropylene and are shaped to protect not only the underside of the engine and frame rails but also ignition and water pump covers against naturally occurring offenders encountered while exploring off road. The skid plate is optimally shaped to snugly contour the bike, reducing the available space for mud and dirt collection. The mounting system is minimalist; a molded lip engages the frame behind the engine while a single bolt attaches the front of the plate to a supplied steel bracket—quick and simple removal and reinstallation for maintenance and cleaning duties. There is a cutout for the oil drain bolt, but I found it much easier and cleaner to just remove the entire skid plate.

The use of polypropylene has several advantages: lighter weight, less resonance when hit/less vibration transfer through the bike, no effect on overall frame rigidity, less heat retention, and, possibly the biggest benefit, lower price. The material is also easy to drill for cooling effect, and the engine side of the skid plate has a template exactly for this purpose.

I have an Acerbis Off-Road Skid Plate mounted on a 450 dual-sport bike that has spent the majority of its active life in the Rockies of Colorado. It has endured countless dings from rock roost and a few outright smashes on boulders when talent expired. Although the outer surface is marred, the protective qualities have remained intact. I admit at first I was skeptical of a “plastic” skid plate; I have been astonished at its durability and have enjoyed the advantages of the polypropylene. The ease of removal, cleaning, reinzstallation, and the price further justifies recommending this item to my off-road buddies.

Rated 88
Installation 17/20
Function 48/50
Durability 7/10
Design 7/10
Price 9/10