New Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes can take you anywhere off road, whether you’re riding a trail or soaring through the air, Dirt Rider has the latest news on dirt bikes.

When a new dirt bike model is announced, our editors are already hard at work digging up any information that they can find. They are comparing spec sheets, horsepower numbers, and torque figures, and cross-checking them against the previous year’s model. Commonly, new dirt bike models feature minute changes, but sometimes they are complete model refreshes with an all-new engine, different suspension components, and a completely updated chassis, or even a completely new model to the manufacturer’s lineup.

At Dirt Rider, we ride, test, and review every new dirt bike. Want to know how these bikes stack up against each other? Our comprehensive new dirt bike comparison reviews have you covered.

New Dirt Bike Reviews

Every new dirt bike is not created equal, and that is why our dirt bike reviews are the best source for information on all new models and releases. From the moment that information is released on a new model up until our dirt bike review goes live, our editors scrutinize over every detail of these bikes. They focus on power numbers, comparing it to what the manufacturer claims. They compare it against the previous year’s model, noting any changes or updates, or even potential drawbacks. Finally, they compare new dirt bike models against others in the same class.

Latest New Dirt Bike Reviews And Comparisons

How To Buy A New Dirt Bike

A few factors to consider when buying a new dirt bike include what type of dirt bike you are looking for and the engine displacement. Do you want the newest two-stroke dirt bike? Is this your first dirt bike purchase, or have you ridden a dirt bike before?

There are several different styles of dirt bikes, including motocross bikes, off-road bikes, adventure bikes, mini dirt bikes, and trials bikes. Engine displacements can range anywhere from 50cc minibikes to 450cc motocross bikes to 1,000cc or more for adventure bikes.