The 2020 450 Motocross Shootout is one of the most highly anticipated comparison tests of the year. It puts all six manufacturer's flagship motocross machines together to see which one stands atop the podium, and is given the honor of best motocross bike. The six contenders are the Honda CRF450R, Husqvarna FC 450, Kawasaki KX450, KTM 450 SX-F, Suzuki RM-Z450, and Yamaha YZ450F.

We took delivery of each motorcycle and installed DeCal Works preprinted number plate backgrounds, then mounted Dunlop D404 street tires on the rear wheels for runs on our Dynojet dyno. Afterward, we mounted Dunlop MX33 soft-to-intermediate-terrain tires on each bike front and rear to ensure consistency in traction among the six competitors through the duration of the test. We then weighed each bike with a full tank of fuel and measured the seat heights as well.

After hard empirical numbers were established, we took the six motorcycles to multiple tracks around Southern California. The first afternoon was spent shooting static photos and videos at Fox Raceway at Pala, followed by a full day of riding for action shots at Cahuilla Creek MX at Anza, which features rolling hills and soil that consists mostly of decomposed granite along with some hard-packed areas.

Honda CRF450R Vs. Husqvarna FC 450 Vs. Kawasaki KX450 Vs. KTM 450 SX-F Vs. Suzuki RM-Z450 Vs.Yamaha YZ450F.

After we reacquainted ourselves with the bikes at Cahuilla Creek, the official test day took place at Glen Helen Raceway at San Bernardino, an iconic national-level track that features several steep uphills and downhills, high-speed straightaways, and a plethora of corners. The track’s deeply tilled soil allows for the formation of deep ruts and becomes hard-packed in certain areas as the day wears on as well. With the elevation changes, variety of terrain, and countless pro riders who visit the facility on any given Thursday, the course becomes rougher than any other track in SoCal and serves as an excellent place to test and pick apart the different aspects of each motorcycle.

Each manufacturer was present at Glen Helen to make any necessary adjustments to their respective bikes for each rider. The test team consisted of six riders ranging in ages from 22 to 49, abilities from novice to AMA pro, and weights from 125 to 200 pounds.

Read on for our in-depth analysis of each bike and to see where it stood among the rest.

2020 450 Motocross Shootout Dyno Comparison Chart
2020 450 Motocross Shootout Dyno Comparison ChartRobert Martin
Bike Weight, Full Tank (lb.) Fuel Capacity (gal.) Seat Height (in.) MSRP
CRF450R 250 1.7 37.4 $9,399
FC 450 235 1.9 37.6 $10,099
KX450 244 1.6 38.0 $9,299
450 SX-F 234 1.9 38.0 $9,999
RM-Z450 251 1.7 38.1 $8,999
YZ450F 247 1.6 38.1 $9,399