Mini Dirt Bikes

Mini dirt bikes serve an important purpose in the world of motorcycles.

Mini dirt bikes serve an important purpose in the world of motorcycles. They are a great way for kids and adults to get involved in riding at a relatively low cost. They are not street-legal and are intended for off-road use only. These small entry-level motorcycles are available with either gas- or electric-powered engines. Those that are powered by gasoline generally range in displacement from 50cc to 125cc in both two-stroke and four-stroke engine types, but are more commonly four-stroke.

Models such as the Honda CRF50F and Yamaha PW50 are designed for entry-level riders and are both priced at $1,499. The CRF50F is a four-stroke, and the PW50 a two-stroke. Manufacturers such as Oset produce electric mini dirt bikes that use batteries and are a great option for youngsters to be able to ride in the backyard and not disturb their neighbors. Oset’s base model, the 12.5 Eco 24V, is priced similarly to the Honda and Yamaha at $1,299.

Gas Versus Electric Mini Dirt Bikes

Choosing between a gas and an electric mini dirt bike is an important decision. Gas-powered engines are more convenient as you can simply fill the tank up anytime and go ride. This is unlike an electric bike, which can require hours before it’s ready to use. The run time of a gas engine is generally longer than an electric bike as well. Most gas-powered 50cc dirt bikes in this category are very reliable, but they do require maintenance such as changing the air filter, cleaning the carburetor, and potentially an engine rebuild as the run time of the motor increases and/or due to a lack of preventative maintenance. Although gas-powered mini dirt bikes are very quiet, they still make enough noise to potentially disturb your neighbors if you’re looking to ride in your backyard.

Electric mini dirt bikes are quiet and relatively maintenance-free. Their only sound output comes from the suspension moving and chain slapping, so they’re well suited for riding in areas such as backyards. The battery-powered engines don’t require any air filter changes, carburetor cleanings, or engine rebuilds.

Mini Dirt Bikes For Kids

Mini dirt bikes are designed for and best suited to kids. They are a great first motorcycle for kids because their smaller-sized engines, automatic transmissions, and lower seat heights make them user-friendly, easy to control, and simple to operate. The classic entry-level dirt bike is the Honda CRF50F, which has faced competition in recent years in the form of the Yamaha TT-R50E and Suzuki DR-Z50. All of these bikes are approximately the same size and offer similar performance benefits to new and young riders.

Mini Dirt Bikes For Adults

Mini dirt bikes aren’t just for kids. Many adults buy them to learn to ride and use them as pitbikes. A larger-sized mini dirt bike such as a Honda CRF110F or Yamaha TT-R110E might be better suited for adults as the wheel sizes of those motorcycles are larger than a 50cc machine, but still use an automatic transmission. For those looking for an even bigger bike with a manual transmission, the Honda CRF125F or Yamaha TT-R125LE are good options.

In the early 2000s, pitbike racing became very popular for adults of all levels of riding ability. Riders would buy 50cc and 110cc machines and modify them to have more power, improved suspension, and better handling. Although pitbike racing is less popular now, adults still enjoy buying aftermarket parts for these bikes and using them as a way to get around the pits at motocross and off-road races.

Latest Mini Dirt Bikes

Mini Dirt Bike Parts And Accessories

Aftermarket mini dirt bike parts are good options for those looking to enhance the performance of their small motorcycle. Companies such as BBR Motorsports manufacture a full line of aftermarket accessories for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha mini dirt bikes. Big-bore kits, replacement swingarms, and shock springs are just a few of the items they sell to turn a stock mini dirt bike into a higher-performance small-sized race machine. Other popular aftermarket items available for mini dirt bikes include exhaust systems, handlebars, shifters, brake pedals, and skid plates.