Pit Posse Podium Digital Air Gauge – Product Of The Week

A digital tire gauge perfect for moto, off-road, or any motorcycling.

Gauge face
Pit Posse Podium Digital Air GaugePhoto By Sean Klinger

Pit Posse Podium Digital Air Gauge


This week we are checking out Pit Posse’s Podium Digital Air Gauge. As an essential part of every rider’s toolbox, a quality tire gauge is a tool that you should be using every time you ride. Since dirt bike tires run at such low psi and just a percentage of a psi can change the feeling of your bike, those push-out car tire gauges just don’t cut the mustard.

The Podium Digital Air Gauge has a large round face protected by a thick rubber housing. The huge metal handle borders on overkill, but we do have to say the ergonomic design is a nice touch and overall, it seems like this gauge could survive a bomb blast. The 20-inch hose is steel braided and contributes to the sturdy construction.

Other features include a 0-100 psi range reading out each 0.1 psi. You can also view pressure readings in BAR, KPA, and KGF. It runs off of two AAA batteries but if it is anything like other digital gauges we’ve used, they shouldn’t be needing a change for years. Also saving battery life is a 90 second automatic turn off feature.

We’ve just used this in the shop a few times and one downside we can point out is that this thing is heavy and big, as far as tire gauges go. This matters not to the mechanic looking for a shop, van, truck, or garage gauge, but if it is destined for a trackbox or backpack, it might be something to think about.

Gauge face
The display is backlit and the unit automatically turns off to save batteries.Photo By Sean Klinger
Gauge handle
The handle has ergonomic finger slots and a pressure release button to really dial in your tire pressure.Photo By Sean Klinger
Hose tip
The steel braided hose lends us to believe that durability was high on Pit Posse's must-haves for this gauge.Photo By Sean Klinger
Tire gauge
At half the price of some other full-size digital tire gauges on the market this gauge looks to be a great value.Photo By Sean Klinger