Alpinestars 2014 Tech 10 Boots


The Alpinestars Tech 10 has been a staple in the motocross and off-road world for some time. This highly regarded boot has received continuous development and introduces a few new features on the 2014 model. A new TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) blade is said to prevent “frontal hyperextension” and offer greater flex control, while the medial-facing panel is to improve structural stability. The TPU calf protector plate utilizes a rear blade system to protect the heel while the shin plate uses a dual closure system with an internal micro-fiber flap, and a new buckle-closure system is self-aligning and replaceable. What all this means is that it is supposed to add stability and actually be more flexible at the same time.

Alpinestars come in full sizes only—no half sizes. I wear about a size 10.5 shoe, and a size 11 Tech 10 fits me great. The attention to safety and comfort extends to the inner booty as well. There are torsion bars that help control ankle rotation. I rode with the stiffer bars, but the boots come with a softer compound inner bar, too, to add a level of customization. I have had ankle problems in the past, so the stiffer torsion bars give me a little extra support. The dual hook-and-loop enclosures ensure a secure fit on the foot.

With my foot inside the new Tech 10, it felt snug in all the right places, but I actually felt like I could bend my ankle slightly better than I could in the older Tech 10s. The new high-impact, bridged aluminum buckle system is easier to adjust and close shut, unlike the previous buckles that needed a mallet to get closed. Riders with bigger calves may have some difficulty getting the middle buckle to reach its perch even with the strap in its outermost position. (I would suggest that if you can’t get the middle strap fitment correct, order another pair of top straps, which are longer.) My calves are on the skinny side, but the strap was almost at its fully extended length.

The boots were very comfortable as soon as I hit the track. Once settled and putting in laps I could tell break-in time was minimal and upshifting and using the rear brake were easy without restriction or that stiff-boot feel. If you don’t ride on the balls of your feet—like you should—the sole will feel a little awkward because it is shaped to almost make you ride on the balls. When standing on the pegs it feels as if the front and rear of the sole is raised, and this makes you ride in that sweet spot. By the end of the day I was riding and not even thinking about the Tech 10s, and when I did, my feet, ankles, and lower legs felt secure. After several months I’ve found the replaceable dual compound soles are more durable than the previous Tech 10s, and I’m definitely getting more hours out of the new sole.

The Tech 10 is a top-of-the-line boot. The comfort and the six stylish color combinations, along with the strategic safety features, make me confident the boot will keep me safe, comfortable, and looking good through tons of motos. —Kris Keefer

Second Opinion

— Chris Denison —

After wearing the new Tech 10 boot for several months, I feel that it’s definitely an improvement over the previous version in terms of overall function (buckles and break-in) and fit. I still feel as though the toe box of this boot is a bit fat feeling, which can place excessive torque on your knee if you catch the boot in a rut. Also, you have to be sure to store this boot lying down (not standing up), as the leather material on the bike side of the boot will warp and twist under its own weight, particularly after several washes.

Rated             90

Style                        18/20

Comfort                 8/10

Function                 48/50

Wash/care            8/10

Price                        8/10

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