Scotts Steering Stabilizer and Dirt Bike Handguards

BRP's Scotts Steering Stabilizer and Dirt Bike Handguards Help Protect Your Handlebars


$129.95 from BRP (does not include stabilizer)

My personal 2008 KTM 300 XC-W is a great bike, but like all off-road two-strokes, a stabilizer improves handling across the board. To make life easier when running a stabilizer and wrap around hand guards, BRP designed the combination of Scotts steering stabilizer and dirt bike handguardst. It offers three sets of steering stabilizer mounting tabs to accommodate handlebar positions 2 and 3 for all 2000–2014 KTM 125 to 530cc models.

The kit comes with the color-coded stabilizer mounting tabs, bolts for mounting the dirt bike handguards, and four new bolts for mounting the new bar clamp to stock handlebar perches. Installation was pretty darn easy, but keep in mind the BRP piece works for bar positions 2 and 3, not 1 and 4. Because my bars were already in position 2 the only stock parts that had to be removed were the two bar clamp tops. Everything lined up nicely, and BRP supplies anodized stabilizer mounts that bolt into the BRP top clamp for proper alignment.

I used Loctite on the stabilizer mount bolts and the bolts for the Scotts stabilizer. Because the 300 is my personal bike, I chose to use the weld-on stabilizer post just so I don’t have to worry about the bolt-on style post coming loose. I like the stock handlebar height so the BRP top clamp is perfect, not affecting the ergos. Some riders prefer a taller bar setup, and for them a sub mount for the stabilizer from BRP is a better route.

Mounting up full-wrap hand guards (Enduro Engineering) to the BRP clamp is fairly straightforward, but I found a little tweaking of the metal right where it bolts into the clamp was necessary to get an exact, flush fit. If you want the wraparound guard to sit lower or higher in relation to the ground, you have to twist/bend the metal at the area where it meets the clamp. While it isn’t too tough to tweak the metal of the hand guard with a vise and a large adjustable wrench, it is a small hassle. Yet not having to find room on the handlebar for the front mount of full-wrap guards is well worth a few minutes of tweaking and fine-tuning. The finished, mounted look of the BRP clamp is clean and simple. If you need to remove the stabilizer for any reason, it only requires two bolts and doesn’t affect the handlebars or the hand guards.

With a few months, a few decent tip-overs, and small falls, the BRP mount has held the stabilizer and hand guards in position without fail. The use of Loctite has also kept anything from coming loose, and when far out on a long trail ride, having faith in your setup is key. BRP also sells handlebar mounts for stabilizers without hand guard mounts. If you don't own a KTM, the BRP also fits 2011–2013 Beta 350/450/498/520 RR models, 2009–2013 Husaberg FE/FX/FS four-strokes, and 2011–2013 TE 250/300 two-strokes. —Adam Booth

Rated            91

Installation.... 17/20

Function......... 48/50

Durability...... 9/10

Design............. 8/10

Price................ 9/10


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