Motion Pro Cable Luber V3 Review

A cable lubing tool for new-style cables with free-spinning ends and built-in adjusters

Motion Pro Cable Luber V3; $19.99Motion Pro

Almost everyone has used the simple cable lubing tool that clamps over the cable. Unfortunately, this tried-and-true design does not fit many of the new cables with free-spinning ends and built-in adjusters. But don’t panic. Motion Pro’s team has introduced a new cable lubing tool that picks up right where your old faithful one left off. They have come up with a new design that seals completely around the cable encompassing free-spinning cable ends. The lubricant is injected through the end of the cable luber, while the other end is sealed around the cable. You might say they bettered the mousetrap.

Installation is easy; you just have to remember your order of operations. It is made up of three pieces: the collar, the rubber seal, and the housing. First, you must place the collar over the cable. Then, place the seal with the long taper facing up toward the housing. The next step would be to screw the housing and collar together. Once completed, hand-tighten the luber until the seal is firmly seated and sealed against the housing. This compression-style assembly squeezes the rubber seal around the cable so the lubricant is forced through the cable.

I have used this tool on several different cables with different diameters, from 4mm to 8mm OD, and it has worked extremely well. The tight seal around the cable significantly reduces mess and wasted lubricant. The housing and collar are made of a composite material that is very durable and easy to wipe off. Storing it in your toolbox will only take a little more space over the previous design. You will just want to keep it assembled when not in use as to not lose the rubber seal. The retail price is twice the amount of the older-style luber. However, this tool will work on twice as many cables, so I would say it’s a wash.

Rated 95

Function 47/50
Portable 10/10
Durability 19/20
Design 9/10
Price 10/10