Kodak PIXPRO SP1 Action Camera - Product Of The Week

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This week we are taking a look at a POV camera from Kodak, the PIXPRO SP1 Action Camera. It is hard not to compare any POV camera to a GoPro, but as sort of the standard action camera, it is bound to happen. This is a test in progress and here is what we like and dislike so far.


First off, this camera has a viewfinder standard, which is nice, but since it is on the side of the camera, it can’t be seen when hand-holding the camera; you still have to guess where to point it. But for mounting, the viewfinder is great and before you head off on a ride you can easily make sure that you are not going to get 45 minutes of sky or visor footage.

Next, there are multiple buttons on top that offer simple navigation of the menu and playback options. You can easily switch from video to camera mode and change the shooting options in either mode, including time lapse, 10 fps burst, HD 1080p video, etc. The camera itself is pretty big and weighty compared to other POVs. But, there is no need for external cases or waterproofing. The SP1 is waterproof up to 32 ft., 6.5 ft. shockproof, and blocks out dust and dirt.


This is when we start comparing it to a GoPro. Since the aforementioned brand of cameras has been around so much longer we have become accustomed to that particular orientation. But the SP1 is longer that it is wide and some mounting positions (like a chest mount or mounting to a vertical surface) almost impossible. The easiest mounting positions for riding were either the top of the helmet or the handlebar.

The mount itself is a ball and socket system. There is a plastic ball that protrudes from the bottom of the camera that fits into a socket and lock ring of whichever mount you are using. There are standard sticky mounts and there is also an accessories box (sold separately) with a bunch of other mounts such as two extender arms, surfboard mound, suction cup, handlebar, head strap, and double nylon loop strap.

The cool thing about the ball and socket system is that you have nearly 360-degree adjustability. The downside is that you can only get the lock ring finger tight – unlike GoPro mounts there is no screwdriver option to really wrench down on. I had the SP1 mounted to my rear fender close to my seat to get a backwards view and it ended up flopping around no matter how tight I twisted it.

Image quality:

I was plenty happy with the video produced by the SP1, as well as the still photographs. But, I sent a video over to our video guy to get his opinion and he said that it was good, but it could be better. One video I shot was in the desert in the middle of the day and, according to our video expert, the sensor in the camera was having a hard time with the bright sand, which was over exposed. I didn’t have this problem in other videos and this also could be something you adjust in menu via white balance. Again, this is an in-progress report and there are a lot of features to test.


This is by far the most impressive part of the PIXPRO SP1 Action Camera. The battery life is surprisingly good. After it’s first charge I recorded one half-hour video, and two ten-minute videos and the battery was only half gone. Then I’ve only charged it once and have used it for a bunch of one minute or so videos, time lapses, and a bunch of still photos and it still has a full charge indicated.

I plan on testing the burst shooting, and different video settings (wind noise cut, different widths of view) soon and the full test will be in the pages of Dirt Rider in the next few months.