Stark Future Announces New Specs for Varg Electric Dirt Bike

Upgrades to improve performance and customer experience.

Just days after announcing the first Varg models have been shipped, Stark Future has released details about updates to its electric dirt bike. Battery capacity has been increased from 6.0kWh to 6.5kWh, which Stark says has resulted in better battery performance, power consistency throughout the state of charge, and a longer life cycle. Despite the added production costs, the electric dirt bike manufacturer is not increasing the Varg’s price.

With Stark increasing the Varg’s battery capacity and making other changes since it was unveiled, the electric motocrosser has gained approximately 17 pounds. It was initially claimed to weigh 243 pounds and now specs say 260 pounds.Stark

¨During our testing, we decided to update several aspects to improve the Varg even further,” Stark Future CEO and founder Anton Wass said. “We’ve done hundreds of improvements since the first bike we presented to you, but a big decision was to increase our battery capacity to better fulfill your expectations. This has led to better overall battery performance and power consistency throughout the state of charge, as well as further life cycles and better efficiency.”

“The goal has always been to inspire to sustainability by manufacturing the best motocross bike on the planet and revolutionizing the off-road motorcycle industry as we know it today.” —Anton Wass, Stark Future CEO and founderStark

Also, Stark says software updates and functions will be delivered to customers automatically over the air, allowing Varg owners to enjoy the latest features and functionalities. Lastly, customers can communicate and share ride modes with fellow Varg riders.