Stark Future Ships First Varg Electric Dirt Bikes to Customers

Electric dirt bike manufacturer is now delivering on its promises.

About a month after releasing a statement about being in the final stages of durability testing, Stark Future has announced it has shipped the first Varg electric dirt bikes from its factory in Barcelona, Spain. Tuesday, April 25, is when the company’s first production motorcycles were boxed up and shipped out.

Stark Future has shipped the first production Varg electric dirt bikes to customers from its 215,000-square-foot facility in Barcelona, Spain.Stark

The first round of deliveries are for customers who preordered the Varg in December 2021. As interest in the electric motocrosser continues to grow, Stark’s new goal is to increase production to meet demands, and is now expanding its distribution network to enable faster availability and support for customers around the globe.

¨I would like to say a big thank-you to all customers who were inspired by the idea of outperforming existing technology and trusted us with their orders,” Stark Future CEO and founder Anton Wass said. “We have been working extremely hard to bring the Varg into production. Congratulations to the Stark team on this incredible milestone. Developing a high-performance electric vehicle from the ground up is no joke and setting up mass production is not an easier task, but we did it!”

“This will be a turning point for the motorcycle industry and we hope that customers around the world are as excited to receive their bikes as we are to build and deliver them. We are now working hard to scale production in order for everyone to receive their Varg as soon as possible. It is now time to ride!” —Anton Wass, Stark Future CEO and founderStark