2024 Rawrr Mantis S First Look

Rawrr’s first electric dual sport motorcycle.

Electric motorcycle company Rawrr has added a new bike to its lineup for 2024 called the Mantis S. It’s a dual sport based on the Mantis 72V (which is an off-road-only model) and meets on-road requirements in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Central America, and South America. The Mantis S is fully DOT and ECE compliant, which is an e-moto first according to Rawrr.

Rawrr has brought street legality to its Mantis electric dirt bike platform with the introduction of the Mantis S.Rawrr

The Mantis S’ peak motor power is 7,500 watts and range is claimed to be 80 miles when maintaining an average speed of approximately 16 mph. In other words, cruising around town at a relaxed pace. Top speed is listed at 50 mph. Its three power modes include Eco, Sport, and Race. According to Rawrr, the Mantis S takes three to five hours to charge.

When developing the Mantis S, Rawrr’s leadership team worked directly with governing bodies.Rawrr

The 2024 Rawrr Mantis S is available for preorder at Rawrr dealers now and will be in stock in March 2024.

The Mantis S is available in three color schemes—black, silver, and Desert Storm (pictured).Rawrr