Can-Am Origin Second Look

When can we expect Can-Am’s electric dual sport bike to be available?

After giving the public a glimpse of its Origin model last year, Can-Am has provided a few updates about the release timeline of its electric dual sport motorcycle. The latest news from parent company Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) is that it plans to release all specifications for the Origin in summer 2024, begin taking orders for the bike at that time, and that it and the on-road-only Pulse are expected to hit the road before the end of 2024.

Can-Am’s second press release of its Origin shows the electric dual sport motorcycle in two colors—white and black.Can-Am

Can-Am says its product development team is making solid progress on the Origin, putting the e-powered machine through its paces in all possible usage conditions. Early feedback from Can-Am test riders is that the Origin delivers a powerful, smooth, and thrilling riding experience. For more information on the Canadian company’s motorcycles as well as other BRP products, visit Can-Am’s website.