WMR/Nihilo Concepts Mini O's Race Report

WMR/Nihilo Press Release

November 18th-26th, Gainesville FL-

WMR Competition Performance/ Nihilo Concepts were in full force at the 2011 Winter Olympic in Gainesville Florida Thanksgiving week. The crew was there to support all the KTM Orange Brigade riders as well as provide track side support for all the Nihilo Concepts riders. Being pitted right next to the Factory KTM rig made us easy to find and many riders took advantage of WMR's expertise to get their bikes dialed in for the intense week of competition. This year WMR also displayed and sold a booth full of KTM PowerWear something we will continue to do at select Amateur nationals.

WMR/ Nihilo's Chase Bell had a great week winning the prestigious Golden Boot award and finishing 1st or second in every moto Chase walked away with 4 Championships in the 85 (12-13) mod and stock class in both Super cross and Motocross.

WMR/Nihilo's Challen Tennant also won a championship in Motocross in the 85 (9-11) class.

Other top WMR / Nihilo riders to shine at the mini O's were Brock Papi and Logan Stokes.

Look for WMR/Nihilo Concepts at a National near you.

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