2017 Thumpstar Models Announced

2017 is going to be a big year for Thumpstar in the US!

Thumpstar expands 2017 model lineup
Thumpstar has expanded their lineup of models for 2017.Photo Courtesy of Thumpstar

In mid-2016, Thumpstar made its return after constant demand to revitalize the brand in the USA. Thumpstar made its debut with the TSX 125cc LE and TSB 70cc in July 2016. Then in January 2017, Thumpstar expanded the offering to include the TSB 125cc, TSX 125cc LEM, TSX-C 140cc and TSR-C 160cc models. The 2017 models display Thumpstar's signature color, Chartreuse, a part yellow, part green mélange. The TSX 125 LEM is a limited edition model with genuine Marzocchi forks, and the TSX-C 140cc and TSR-C 160cc are for competition use on closed course tracks.

Thumpstar lineup 2017
In addition to the other models in the 2017 lineup, Thumpstar will also be bringing out two new models soon, a 250cc two-stroke as well as an electric motorcycle for kids.Photo Courtesy of Thumpstar

Thumpstar is currently establishing a dealer network and building a state-of-the-art parts availability system. The website will be used as a tool to direct customer traffic to dealers once the network is established. Also in the works are two new models, a 250cc two-stroke equipped with an Italian-made engine and an electric motor for kids.