VIDEO: Ryan Dungey On Getting Ready For The Outdoor Season

Ryan Dungey trains with Aldon Baker for everything the outdoor tracks can throw at him

Today Oakley released the second of five Prizm lens technology inspired edits. This one features 3x Motocross World Champ Ryan Dungey. Playing off the theme of details, we focus on the details that enable our world-class athletes to perform at the highest level. Oakley met up with Ryan at Baker’s Factory in Clermont, Florida, where he was working with his trainer and getting ready for the outdoor season.

A three-time Motocross and Supercross champion, Ryan Dungey has built a career on assessing and reacting to every detail that comes his way. When he misses a detail, he can’t perform at the highest level. When he misses details, his speed is affected and when that happens, his race against the clock is falls short. Whether it’s a bump in the dirt, a rut on a turn or the suspension on his bike, the tiniest details can have the greatest outcome. Dungey talks about all those minute details while putting in training time with Aldon Baker at the Baker's Factory in Florida.