VIDEO: Kevin Windham and Brett Cue Whip A CR500 and CR250

Have you been checking out original videos? The guys over there, Dayton Daft and Bryson Steele in the case of this video, put together some very cool stuff, and this latest one is perfect for all you two-stroke lovers. Kevin Windham is on a CR250 that was not set up for him, but clearly he did okay. Brett Cue first saw this CR500 on the line in the 40 class when he was at Loretta's this past summer to help out Max Miller (a KTM Orange Brigade rider). The video was planned for the 500/250 ride, and Brett would be buying the 500 before the video shoot day.

There's a moment in this video that is definitely a 'do not try this at home' thing when the riders cross lines before a jump face to make for a dramatic synchronized flight. This is something best enjoyed from behind your computer or phone, not behind your bike's handlebar.