VIDEO: 2016 Honda CRF250R, Dirt Rider 250F Motocross Shootout

We review why the Honda CRF250R earned second place in 2016 Dirt Rider 250F MX Shootout.

The 2016 Honda CRF250R went from third place in the 2015 shootout results to second place in 2016 Dirt Rider 250F MX Shootout thanks to much-improved power. The highlights of the 2016 bike’s engine changes are a higher compression piston, a different cam, new head porting, a revised airboot, updated FI mapping, and exhaust changes. On the outside, the ’16 bike got revised suspension settings, 5mm longer fork tubes, and a new shock linkage.

Some test riders felt the bottom end power was great, some liked the top end, but universally every tester raved about the middle rpm power. Combined with the crisp throttle response and the bike’s quick-reving and smooth delivery, the Honda was deceivingly fast. The red bike’s responsiveness made it easy to use the throttle to help steer the bike, and that snappy response complimented the bike’s light-feeling chassis.

Some riders got along great with the suspension package, but many felt a harshness at the very initiation of the stroke.

Nearly all test riders loved the Honda’s outstanding turning traits. The bike corners effortlessly and only got a few complaints that the bike could stand up in corners. The bike feels light, and some commented that it takes less energy to ride.


The Honda felt nimble, light, and turned intuitively. Its power is crisp and the smooth delivery gets the power to the ground. The Honda was very fun to ride.


The Honda’s fork brings a harshness to the ride that really hurt its rankings, especially with the lighter and slower riders.