Update on Gas Gas Motorcycles

After months of uncertainty and speculation, the Gas Gas company has been acquired by a Spanish company named Torrot, which is known for its electric scooters and mini bikes. According to Torrot CEO Ivan Contreras, the new owners have proposed an ambitious strategy for the coming years. The most imminent, is to recover the market leadership of trial next year. According to a press release from Tarrot that was released this week, in 2016, 2,000 dirt bikes will be produced once the plant in Girona, Spain is running, and the target is to reach 4,000 units annually in 2018.

For the enduro market, Torrot will work next year on a new bike, and bring it to market in 2017. Finally, a long-term project is to make the leap to an electric scooter, using Torrot technology. The first off-road Electric Gas Gas, however, does not have a projected date.

Photo Courtesy Jake Miller/G2F Media

Here is the press release in part:

The new owners of Gas Gas plan to re-launch the brand as soon as possible, and before entering the factory, they have already been working in the marketing of the dirt bikes that they will begin to make in the Salt factory starting after the new year. At a recent trade show in Milan, several international importers have already made their initial orders.

Similarly, the Torrot team has contacted suppliers to the factory, so that as soon as production begins in the first months of 2016, they will have all of the necessary components for the assembly of the motorcycles they are producing.

Due to the lack of space on the premises of the current TORROT factory in Mataró, - which makes urban electric bikes in the Maresme coastal region, they will move production to the Gas Gas factory in Salt (Girona) and will retain only the research and development department at Mataró. They will soon begin to set-up new Torrot production machinery, this being done in parallel with the re-start of Gas Gas.

In terms of production figures, in the 2016 model year they expect to reach a total of 6,000 motorcycles, of which 2,000 will be for trial, one thousand enduro and 3,000 of the Torrot MUVI model, an electric scooter connected at all times to the Internet and with a battery life of over 100 kilometers.


On the horizon for 2018, Torrot intends to achieve production of 4000 Gas Gas trial bikes, which would make them the market leader in this sector, 6,000 Enduro motorcycles and 5,000 MUVI electric models. In the case of Enduro models, these machines will be completely reassessed, to return the brand to its leadership position in the sport of Enduro.

"The trial model is ready to produce and sell and we have real orders, but the enduro needs improvement because it did not succeed in the market," said CEO Torrot, Ivan Contreras.

In this regard, in 2016 there will be "a team working to make the 2017 enduro bike more competitive." With regard to future new models, the Enduro will be the first but not the only one. In the long term, the direction of Torrot proposes a unique vehicle combining the best of both brands.

"Gas Gas has great international power and image, and we want to make an off-road electric motorcycle, which will be of the brand Gas Gas, but with technology developed by Torrot".

Also in the pipeline are a new electric bicycle of the Torrot brand, as well as new developments for the MUVI such as "carbon fiber to reduce weight and extend the range".