Trey Canard Interview: Motocross Preparation

Interview with the friendly Honda rider Trey Canard.

Team Honda’s Trey Canard has had a rough 2016. Throughout the Monster Energy AMA Supercross season, the Oklahoma native has shown flashes of blistering speed, but horrible crashes have marred what could have been an otherwise excellent season. As a former 250 National Champion, Canard is hoping that the start of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will signal a return to the front of the pack. Since late March, he has been testing and riding outdoors at his home track in Oklahoma. With one week remaining until the gate drops at round one in Sacramento, we sat down with him for a quick chat between testing sessions to get his thoughts on Supercross and the fast-approaching outdoor series.

Trey Canard, motocross prep
We caught up with Trey putting in motos at Glen Helen.Photography by Brendan Lutes

You had a bit of an up-and-down Supercross season, but what are your thoughts on it?

It was definitely not anything that you’d write home about. I’ll tell you this, I’m really glad to turn the page on it. It was a tough season for me, and I definitely struggled a lot. I had the speed at times, but never put it together. I’m just happy to turn the page and look forward towards outdoors now.

You clipped the red light box on the side of a triple a couple weeks ago, crashing very hard. Are you fully recovered from that?

I’m good. It was definitely a scary crash, but I’m fine now.

How has outdoor testing been going for you?

It’s been going good. We started back at the end of March, so we have a really good base going. I really haven’t done that much testing since I’ve been out here in Southern California, but I feel good and the bike feels really good. We’ll see how it does at the races.

What's your schedule like for transitioning from Supercross to outdoors? You live primarily in Oklahoma, but are you in California for the start of the season?

We’ve been riding outdoors at home during the week—at least one day—and that’s been good. I’ll be out here in California until after Glen Helen and then I’ll head home to Oklahoma.

Trey Canard, motocross prep
Canard is looking forward to turning the page on supercross and getting to the outdoor series.Photography by Brendan Lutes

When you're testing for outdoors, what is it that you work on the most?

It’s an always moving and changing evolution of the bike. For me, though, it’s all about comfort and just trying to make sure that the chassis and suspension are working together smoothly.

How was the outdoor season for you last year?

Last year was tough. I came in with four races to go. I was hurt, with my arm, for a long time, but it was good that I came back. It was tough—it was gnarly—but it was good and I learned a lot about the bike, which I think is really going to help me this year.

Trey Canard, motocross prep
Canard had a Supercross season he wasn't happy with.Photography by Brendan Lutes

What are you looking forward to the most for outdoors?

Outdoors is cool. Supercross is such a big production where outdoors is the core of the sport and followed by people that really love it. I enjoy being at the outdoor races. It’s a lot of fun being at the track. A lot of them are in the middle of nowhere.

What do you like better—Supercross or outdoors?

I always tell people that we have the best of both worlds. When we’re tired of riding in the hot long motos where outdoors tears you down, we have Supercross. When we’re tired of riding six months of Supercross, we have outdoors starting. I like both of them.

What are your expectations going into round one next weekend?

I think we all expect to try to win—that’s what we’re all shooting for. For me, I just want to leave Hangtown with good points and two good consistent motos under my belt.