Toni Bou Wins Portugal TrialGP World Trials

Repsol Honda rider claims record 100th victory!

Toni Bou scored a record 100th victory in the world trials championships with an impressive win in Gouveia, Portugal, at round 4 of the 2018 TrialGP World Championship. Bou's victory in Portugal was far more than just going through the motions; it represents another career highpoint for the Repsol Honda Team rider. The Spaniard managed to surpasses the long-established record of Dougie Lampkin who had 99 wins. Here's a look at the event thanks to TrialGP photographer Pep Segales.

In addition to winning his 100th TrialGP, Toni Bou also has a 50-percent win rate. “I’m very excited to reach 100 victories, but even more to find out that I have won 50 percent, which I think is an incredible achievement,” Bou said. “Today I felt very good about the injury, every day I am better, so I am very happy. We had to push hard as the rivals are very strong. We will continue fighting hard in this complicated championship.”Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
Jeroni Fajardo’s decision to move to GasGas at the end of 2017 continues to pay dividends, and his lap-two total of 12 saw him end the day as a comfortable runner-up to Bou, 10 marks clear of his third-placed teammate Jaime Busto.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
Veteran Albert Cabestany (Beta) also looks refreshed following a change of teams for 2018, and his total of 39 was easily good enough for fourth, 23 marks clear of fellow Spaniard Adam Raga.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
At the halfway point of the championship Bou (pictured) now has a 10-point lead over Fajardo with Busto a further four behind in third.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
The big shock in the Trial2 class was the form of series leader Matteo Grattarola. The veteran Italian, who has won three times this year, slumped to a lowly 10th in Portugal and his lead over Toby Martyn has been slashed from 18 points to 11.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
Spain’s Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) finished third in the Trial2 class after taking a costly “five” on the second lap.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
Japan’s Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Honda) was off form in Portugal and finished an uncharacteristic eighth.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
Bou’s win marked his third of the season and stretches his lead in the overall standings to 10 points ahead of the second-placed rider.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
Raga continues to struggle to find his form, and after the opening lap was a distant eighth before pulling back vital positions on lap two.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales
Factory GasGas rider Busto finished third, 10 points clear of teammate Fajardo in second.Courtesy TrialGP/Pep Segales

2018 Portugal TrialGP Results

Position Rider Brand
1 Toni Bou Montesa
2 Jeroni Fajardo GasGas
3 Jaime Busto GasGas
4 Albert Cabestany Beta
5 Adam Raga TRS
6 James Dabill Beta
7 Oriol Noguera Jotagas
8 Takahisa Fujinami Montesa
9 Jorge Casales Vertigo
10 Miquel Gelabert Sherco

2018 TrialGP Point Standings

Position Rider Brand Points
1 Toni Bou Montesa 90
2 Jeroni Fajardo GasGas 80
3 Jaime Busto GasGas 76
4 Adam Raga TRRS 65
5 Albert Cabestany Beta 59
6 Jorge Casales Vertigo 49
7 James Dabill Beta 47
8 Takahisa Fujinami Montesa 42
9 Miquel Gelabert Sherco 34
10 Benoit Bincaz Scorpa 27