Lucas Oil Chain Lube Aerosol - Dirt Rider Magazine

Lubing a chain is like finger painting: Chances are you're going to be stoked with the end result, but there's always the possibility of making an awful mess in the process. Everyone has their opinions as to the best products and methods of chain lubrication, but I'm more of a grab-whatever-can-is-handy-when-the-chain-looks-dry type of guy.

Recently, I reached for Lucas Oil's Chain Lube Aerosol and was pumped to discover that five seconds of spraying didn't result in a Jackson Pollock-like work of art on my swingarm, bike stand and garage floor. This stuff sprays in a fairly uniform coating, and the can works surprisingly well even when held at strange angles. As far as coverage, the pattern is more of a stream than a spray, but the lube itself is tacky enough to stay on the chain without flinging off like a buzz saw of maple syrup-like goop.For both MX and off-road use the $7.99 Lucas chain lube provided great lubrication without attracting too much dirt, and it thankfully doesn't smell like a portable chemical weapon compared to other brands of chain lube. On the downside, I did feel as though the 11-ounce can ran out more quickly than I would have liked, but that very well could have been attributed to my inner artist's inability to walk away from his canvas when the work is done. Or maybe I just like doing chain graffiti?