Tested Dirt Bike Seat Covers: Factory Effex Dual-Gripper Seat Cover

Factory Effex dirt bike seat covers have become a must have for riders

Over the last several years gripper dirt bike seat covers have become a must. These days most motocross bikes come with some form of a gripper seat cover, but almost all don't live up to the demands of a true gripper seat. Factory Effex has created several gripper dirt bike seat covers over the years, and it recently developed the Dual-Gripper models.

The new Dual-Gripper seat cover is designed for functionality and durability. In past tests of several brands, we experienced problems with covers losing their grip after a solid month of riding. Between riding and washing, these seats slowly lost their tacky feel and no longer served their purpose. Plus, one of the biggest problems we've suffered with aftermarket and OE dirt bike seat covers is tearing. If you squeeze with your knees, as you should, knee braces will rub holes on both sides of the cover.

After several days testing the new Dual-Gripper seat cover, we have found it is one of the best to come through our offices. The Dual-Gripper is designed with a special blend of rubber held together with rubberized triple stitching. The dirt bike seat cover uses two rubber compounds; the seat's center section employs a mild-grip compound, while the sides use a super-tacky compound that offers even more grip while you're squeezing with your knees. On the track, you can feel the difference. The Factory Effex seat cover performs well and is built for abuse.

All riders have their own riding styles, so we put the Dual-Gripper through the wringer of four different test riders, and all fell in love with its performance and were very impressed with its durability. If you're looking for a better-performing seat cover, at $69.95 the Factory Effex Dual-Gripper is a great investment and an important part of being comfortable on your motorcycle. www.factoryeffex.com