2022 KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition Technical Information

What’s new on the 2022 KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition?

It’s an exciting time for KTM, as the Austrian manufacturer not only unveiled an all-new 450 SX-F Factory Edition for 2022, but also brought back the 250 SX-F Factory Edition. The last time we saw a quarter-liter version of KTM’s limited-edition motocrosser was in 2017, so this is big news. Equally exciting is that it’s new from the ground up.

After a five-year hiatus from KTM’s model lineup, the 250 SX-F Factory Edition returns for 2022. In addition to allowing Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Maximus Vohland to race what is essentially next year’s bike ahead of time, it gives consumers the opportunity to do the same.Mason Owens

We detailed information about this all-new machine in our first look story, but found out more about it now that we’ve seen it in person, spoke to KTM technicians, and ridden the bike. Check out the photos and captions below to learn more about what is essentially going to be the 2023 KTM 250 SX-F, minus all the bling parts.

Along with the chassis, KTM’s 250 four-stroke engine is all-new. It produced 41.0 hp and 19.4 pound-feet of torque on our in-house dyno.Mason Owens
The new hybrid subframe starts out as aluminum where it mounts to the main frame and becomes a polyamide nylon plastic material as it nears the rear fender.Mason Owens
The new 15mm-shorter WP Xact shock mounts on a wishbone cross-member that is welded to the side spars of the frame. All of the suspension adjusters no longer require tools to make adjustments.KTM
KTM made a serious effort to clean up the wiring harness behind the front number plate, which should improve durability and reliability.Mason Owens
A new one-piece lower handlebar mount is designed to help prevent the bar from twisting in the rubber mounts in the event of a tip-over or crash.Mason Owens
A new compact set of switches for maps, traction control, and the quickshifter option helps keep the handlebar area clean and tidy.Mason Owens
You can see how much more inboard the footpeg pivot is mounted as well as the larger overall footpeg surface.Mason Owens
Along with a new die-cast swingarm, KTM redesigned the chain guide to be stronger.Mason Owens
More function than fashion, the wings on the backside of the front fender are designed to reduce the amount of mud that can fly up in the rider’s face and improve airflow into the radiators.Mason Owens
Hitting the Dirt Rider automotive scales at 239 pounds wet, the 250 SX-F Factory Edition is 7 pounds heavier than the standard 250 SX-F.Mason Owens