2023 KTM 250 XC-F Technical Information

What’s new on the 2023 KTM 250 XC-F?

Along with its SX and SX-F motocross bikes, KTM’s XC-F cross-country models also received a complete makeover for 2023. The Austrian manufacturer left no stone unturned when designing its new generation of competition-focused dirt bikes, equipping them with the latest technology and electronic advancements to enhance on-track and off-road capabilities. The 250 XC-F has a new frame, swingarm, engine, shock, and bodywork. Here’s a closer look at some of the parts and features of KTM’s 250 four-stroke cross-country racer.

Visually, there is no mistaking the all-new 2023 line of KTM competition off-road motorcycles.Mason Owens
In the 250F class, power is king. KTM introduced a completely new engine with a larger 81mm bore and shorter 48.5mm stroke, resulting in a compression ratio of 14.5:1. The cylinder head and engine cases are also new.Mason Owens
A new die-cast swingarm is topology-optimized to provide optimal rigidity and 190 grams lower in weight.Mason Owens
KTM went with a smaller 22mm rear axle to match the new chassis flex characteristics. This means your older spare wheel that uses a larger 25mm axle will not fit the new bike.Mason Owens
The subframe now has one-piece cast lower spars with no weld joints to increase reliability, while the upper subframe area is made of injection-molded polyamide. A key feature is that the subframe can flex and return to its original position in a crash. The air filter also has a new shape.Mason Owens
This window in the subframe has openings that allow maximum airflow into the airbox. Included with the bike is an optional vented side airbox cover for those who want even more airflow and aren’t worried about cleaning lots of air filters.Mason Owens
The new WP Xact shock is 15mm shorter and now has tool-free compression and rebound adjusters.Mason Owens
KTM left no stone unturned, even redesigning the fork guards to offer more fork tube protection.Mason Owens
The handlebar mounts have been beefed up to a one-piece assembly that can be either rubber mounted for more comfort and less vibration or solid mounted for a more precise front end feel but slightly more vibration. They sit atop the CNC-machined 22mm-offset triple clamps.Mason Owens
Under the seat, you will find all of the electronics. The fuel pump has been updated to a one-piece design to improve fuel supply and further empty the tank, allowing for extended running times. The fuel line has been relocated to make it less exposed and susceptible to damage as well.Mason Owens
The Neken handlebar has been significantly cleaned up with the new, more compact multifunction switches. On the left is the map select and traction control switch, while the right side is where the engine start/stop switch is located. The 250 XC-F does not have a quickshift (QS) mode because of its six-speed transmission (only KTM’s five-speed gearbox-equipped SX-F and XC-F models currently have it).Mason Owens
This new mounting bracket attached to the upper triple clamp keeps the connectors and wiring harness much more secure. It also holds the hourmeter and has a mounting hole for the front number plate screw.Mason Owens
Even the kickstand is new and looks stronger and lighter. When folded up, it is almost 100 percent concealed by the side number plate panel. You will never have to worry about catching your boot on it while riding.Mason Owens
The 250 XC-F comes with a 2.25-gallon polyethylene fuel tank that is larger than the 250 SX-F motocrosser’s by 0.35-gallon. Although bigger, it maximizes the space available below the radiator shrouds to help keep the cockpit narrow and the center of gravity as low as possible.Mason Owens
The 2023 KTM 250 XC-F’s claimed weight without fuel is 224 pounds.Mason Owens