2022 Honda Trailbikes and Youth Motocross Model First Look

Big Red’s CRF recreational trail line and motocross bike for kids.

In addition to its all-new CRF250R and CRF250RX and returning 450 models, Honda has unveiled the remainder of its 2022 dirt bikes including the CRF150R and CRF150R Big Wheel youth motocrossers along with the CRF250F, CRF125F, CRF125F Big Wheel, CRF110F, and CRF50F. The five trail-focused motorcycles are off-road-legal year-round in all 50 states. All of the models are now outfitted with red number plates and new radiator shroud graphics.

2022 Honda CRF150R

Honda is the only manufacturer to offer a youth four-stroke motocross racebike with its CRF150R.Honda

2022 Honda CRF150R Big Wheel

To make it better suited for taller riders, the CRF150R Big Wheel features a 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheel, 0.4-inch more shock travel, and 1.3-inch-taller seat height.Honda

2022 Honda CRF250F

The flagship of Honda’s CRF Trail line is the CRF250F.Honda

2022 Honda CRF125F

Like the rest of Honda’s CRF-F models, the CRF125F is now outfitted with red plastics and shroud graphics that mimic the CRF performance line.Honda

2022 Honda CRF125F Big Wheel

The CRF125F Big Wheel costs $400 more than the CRF125F.Honda

2022 Honda CRF110F

A clutchless four-speed semi-automatic transmission is one of the features that makes the CRF110F a beginner-friendly motorcycle for kids.Honda

2022 Honda CRF50F

The iconic CRF50F has a price tag of $1,649.Honda