2021 Kawasaki KLX230R S First Look

A shorter version of the KLX230R

Based heavily off the KLX230R that was introduced last year, the KLX230R S features 1.1 inches less suspension travel and a 1.0-inch-lower seat height.Courtesy of Kawasaki

Kawasaki’s KLX lineup continues to grow with the addition of the KLX230R S. A new model for 2021, the KLX230R S is based heavily off the KLX230R—an off-road-only model that was introduced last year, but features modified front and rear suspension that lowers the overall seat height by 1.0 inch from the KLX230R.

Kawasaki offers the KLX230R S in a 49-state version and a 50-state (California green-sticker-eligible) iteration. The weight difference between the two is 8 pounds.Courtesy of Kawasaki

The fork and shock travel have been decreased by 1.1 inches compared to the KLX230R, and the rake and trail have effectively been changed, with 0.8 degree less rake and 0.1 inch less trail. The overall length and wheelbase are 0.4 inch less, and the ground clearance is 1.0 inch less.

At $4,399, the KLX230R S has the same retail price as the KLX230R.Courtesy of Kawasaki

The weight of the KLX230R S is unchanged from the KLX230R at 254 pounds for the 49-state model and 262 pounds for the 50-state (California green-sticker-eligible) model. The 8-pound weight increase from the 49-state KLX230R S model to the 50-state model comes about due to a steel fuel tank with a locking cap, key-type ignition, and an FI indicator lamp in the engine kill switch.

The KLX230R S is available in Lime Green for $4,399.