2020 Honda Adventure And Dual Sport Motorcycles First Look

Ready for an adventure?

Honda released information about its 2020 adventure and dual sport category motorcycles. The commuter/ADV-appropriate 2020 Honda NC750X and 2020 Honda CB500X, and the dual sport cousins, the 2020 CRF250L and CRF250L Rally.

2020 Honda NC750X

Commuter-friendly and adventure ready, the 2020 Honda NC750X will be poised for your daily adventure to the office or your weekend joyride in January of 2020.

The 2020 Honda NC750X will be available come January 2020, however the price is yet to be determined. Honda highlights the following components for the commuting application: fuel efficiency (TBD), 22-liter storage compartment (located in what is traditionally the fuel tank area, the fuel tank is located under the seat), and its smooth power delivery from its 745cc parallel-twin engine. It is ADV-ready with its beak-like styling, upright riding position, and long-travel suspension (claimed 5.4 inches of travel at the front, 5.9 inches at the rear). The NC750X will also be available in a DCT ABS version to appeal to varying skill levels. The model comes in Graphite Black.

2020 Honda CB500X

The 2020 Honda CB500X will be available in Grand Prix Red.Honda

Also adventure and daily-commute capable, the 2020 Honda CB500X’s 471cc twin-cylinder engine is claimed to provide plenty of torque and power for your urban and off-road escapades. Choose from either standard ($6,699) or ABS-equipped ($6,999). Updates seen last year will be carried over to the 2020 version which include its 19-inch front wheel, slipper clutch, and long-travel (5.9 inches) shock. The CB500X will be ready for the road and trails in January, so you won’t have to wait too much longer now.

2020 Honda CRF250L

The 2020 Honda CRF250L is priced at $5,199. If you want ABS, MSRP is $5,499.Honda

The newest Honda CRF250L will be ready for the masses come March 2020. Pricing is listed at $5,199 for standard and $5,499 if you prefer ABS. Honda’s single-cylinder 250cc engine powers the dual sport down the road. With 9.8 inches of travel at the 43mm fork, and 9.4 inches of travel at the shock will help you over the smooth or rugged landscapes.

2020 Honda CRF250L Rally

The 2020 Honda CRF250L is priced at $5,199. If you want ABS, MSRP is $5,499.Honda

Be prepared for longer distances with the 2020 Honda CRF250L Rally. With a frame-mounted windscreen and 2.7-gallon fuel tank, the CRF250L Rally is geared for more comfortable, longer distance riding in comparison to the 2.1-gallon fuel tank of the windscreen-less CRF250L. March 2020 is the slated time for this machine to be ready in the dealers and pricing for the standard and ABS versions will be $5,949 and $6,249, respectively.