Stillwell Performance KTM 350 XC-F Project Bike | Dirt Locker | VIDEO

Do-It-All KTM 350 XC-F

Most dirt bike owners ride both moto and off-road, at least to some degree. That is why last year we went to Stillwell Performance in Arizona with a KTM 350 XC to see if we could come away with a machine that is equally comfortable and capable on a motocross track as well as off-road trails. Stillwell Performance is well known as one of the top tier suspension shops for off-road racers and while they also do engine work, for this build, we left the engine pretty much alone. If you have a great bike to start with, there is no need to drop even more money for minimal return. We did give the suspension a great deal of attention and Stillwell came up with an overall setting that can, with a few clicks here and there, provide a performance-oriented platform for MX and OR riding. In this video we break down how this bike worked in the real world.