2024 KTM 250 SX-F Technical Information

Features and specifications of KTM’s MY24 250cc four-stroke motocrosser.

KTM’s 250 SX-F has been a front-runner in Dirt Rider’s 250 Four-Stroke Motocross Shootout for several years thanks to its potent engine, highly tunable suspension, and neutral-handling chassis. The Austrian machine has been on the podium in our annual comparison since 2017—an impressive run indeed. It won two years since then (2019 and 2020), and looks poised to be a podium threat again this year. Can it reach the top step? We’ll find out as soon as the 2024 250F Motocross Shootout is complete. In the meantime, let’s dig into some of KTM’s motocross-focused quarter-liter thumper’s features detailed in the photos below as well as the full spec sheet at the bottom of this article.

All-new last year, the KTM 250 SX-F enjoys minor revisions for 2024 in the form of updated suspension settings and fresh graphics.Jeff Allen
Its fuel-injected liquid-cooled DOHC four-stroke 250cc single-cylinder engine uses finger followers to keep the titanium 32.5mm intake and 27.5mm exhaust valves under control at engine speeds up to 14,000 rpm.Jeff Allen
The 250 SX-F rips on the track and dyno. We documented peak figures of 42.8 hp at 12,800 rpm and 19.8 lb.-ft. of torque at 9,300 rpm.Jeff Allen
Of the three Austrian quarter-liter four-stroke motocross bikes (the others being Husqvarna’s FC 250 and GasGas’ MC 250F), the orange machine has the most airbox ventilation, as pictured here.Jeff Allen
We’re still getting used to the kill button being on the right-hand side of the Neken handlebar.Jeff Allen
The electronics suite offers two engine maps—mellow (white light illuminated) and aggressive (green light illuminated)—as well as traction control (TC), launch control, and quickshift (QS).Jeff Allen
Just in case you forget which button is which, KTM summarizes it on this sticker.Jeff Allen
The radiator cap is difficult to remove when checking or adding coolant. Companies like Bullet Proof Designs and Nihilo Concepts offer a special tool that makes the job easier.Jeff Allen
KTM moved to a WP Xact 48mm closed-cartridge coil-spring fork on its cross-country, enduro, and dual sport models for 2024. The full-size motocross bikes retain a WP Xact 48mm closed-cartridge air fork.Jeff Allen
Stock fork height is at the second line.Jeff Allen
The WP Xact shock is equipped with a 42 Nm spring.Jeff Allen
You can leave your tools at the truck when tuning front and rear suspension damping on the 250 SX-F. Compression and rebound adjustments are made by hand on both the fork and shock.Jeff Allen
A hollow die-cast swingarm was one of many new chassis components on KTM’s full-size motocross bikes last year. According to the Austrian manufacturer, the 2023–2024 design increases rigidity and reduces unsprung weight.Jeff Allen
Brembo brakes are the best in the business.Jeff Allen
According to our measurements, the 250 SX-F’s seat height is 37.8 inches.Jeff Allen
KTM added some purple in the radiator shroud graphics on last year’s motocross, cross-country, enduro, and dual sport models as a way to pay homage to its dirt bikes from the early 1990s, and that trend continues in 2024.Jeff Allen
With its 1.9-gallon fuel tank filled, the 250 SX-F weighs 237 pounds on our scales.Jeff Allen