Stance Rinkon MX Sock Review

A motocross sock made by a company strictly devoted to making socks.


Rinkon Motocross SocksKris Keefer

Stance Rinkon Motocross Socks

Your motocross or off-road socks usually are the one piece of your rider ensemble you don’t think much of when throwing gear into your gear bag. With the evolution of knee braces, however, socks have evolved somewhat. Enter Stance, a company strictly devoted to your feet.

Stance offers short and long moto socks, but since I wear knee braces I wanted the long Rinkon motocross socks to put on my stinky piggies. The Rinkon has mesh panels that go up your leg for breathability, arch support, and a reinforced toe and heel cushioning to combat holes. I do have to say that these are some of the softest- feeling socks I have put on and feel very supple inside my boots. The long mesh leg panels provide ample sweat resistance, and the Lycra band at the top of the leg grips your thigh area firm enough for a nonslip grip.

I did not read Stance’s recommendation of not machine drying these socks, and the mesh panels have started to stretch and sack out, losing their snug feel. I have since hung- dried a second pair and have not had any stretching issues. For $35 a pair for socks, this is something you will put on the “want” list, not the “need” list for your gear bag.

Rated: 87
Style 18/20
Comfort 9/10
Function 48/50
Wash/Care 6/10
Price 6/10 (888) 391-9020