Ride Engineering Offset Triple Clamps And Bar Mounts – Product Of The Week

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Ride Engineering 22mm Offset Triple Clamps And Bar Mounts (for 2016 Yamaha YZ450F)


There are a lot of aftermarket triple clamps on the market, and this week we take a look at Ride Engineering’s 22mm Offset Triple Clamps And Bar Mounts. This is a full-test by Associate Editor Kris Keefer, who spend ample time getting to the nitty gritty of these clamps.

“For 2016 Yamaha went to a 25mm standard fork offset (from 22mm) on the YZ450F. Upon putting more time on the new Yamaha we came to the conclusion that the new offset angle didn’t hurt or help the 2016 in corners from last year’s model. Although straight-line stability has improved in ‘16 with the frame change that Yamaha made, the front end still feels slightly vague through mid corner and has a tendency to have a front-end push. We wanted to go back to a 22mm offset clamp to see if the YZ450F could achieve an easier-to-corner “feeling” with the newfound frame stiffness that Yamaha gave it for 2016. We installed Ride Engineering’s 22mm offset triple clamps with rubber mounted bar mounts to find out if they increased the ‘16 YZ450F’s cornering capability.

“After riding with the standard clamps we installed the Ride Engineering pieces for same day, same track, back-to-back testing. We were impressed by the craftsmanship and the fact that the steering stem and lower bearing were already pressed in. Also, the Ride Engineering lower clamp comes with a lower bracket mounting point in case the rider wants to run a Showa steering damper (just like the damper the Honda CRF 250/450s come stock with). The eight pinch bolt design bar mounts come with either yellow or red rubber cones (red are stiffer than stock and yellow are slightly softer than stock) and can be positioned in the plus or minus 3mm positions.

“We chose two types of tracks to test on: A high-speed, rough track and a tighter, but equally rough, slower track. On both, we could immediately notice that the feeling of the 2016 Yamaha YZ450F was different. On the high speed track “Big Blue” was quicker to react and I could change lines easier with the 22mm offset clamps installed. Initial lean into corners was an improvement over stock, as the Yamaha would lay over in corners easier. Mid corner the Yamaha had increased traction feeling from the front wheel and I could pivot out of the corner sooner and with less effort than with the 25mm stock offset. Exiting corners, the Ride Engineering clamp didn’t quite have the comfort like the stock clamps did, as there was better bump absorption (or flex) with the 25mm setup. This wasn’t a bar mount issue, however. We chose to run the yellow rubber cones as they flexed the most, but we felt most of the rigidity through the clamp itself. On choppy, fast straightaways the Ride Engineering clamps did feel slightly stiffer and the front end would deflect on some square edges. After feeling this we dropped the fork flush with the top clamp and straight-line comfort and front-end traction immediately improved.

“On the tighter, slower track the 2016 YZ450 with the Ride Engineering clamps felt like a completely different bike. The Yamaha would lay over in corners much easier (almost Suzuki-ish) without trying to stand up mid corner or push the front wheel (still riding with the fork set flush with the top clamp). During corner exits with small chop the front end still had a slightly more rigid feeling, but on the tighter course the YZ450F with the Ride clamps was more agile and rider friendly. Straight-line comfort was slightly on the lower side compared to stock, but not as noticeable as it was with the increased speeds on the faster track.

"If you're looking to make the 2016 YZ450F a quicker handling, more agile bike, the Ride Engineering 22mm offset clamps is the right way to go. You will trade some straight-line comfort (in the front end), but when you gain performance in one area you can almost always count on losing it in another. Case in point: cornering ability and straight line comfort. The good news is that Ride Engineering makes 20, 22, and 23.5mm offsets (in blue, black, and silver colorways) to please a wide range of track conditions and rider preferences." —Kris Keefer

Rated: 88
Installation: 18/20
Performance: 48/50|
Durability: 7/10
Design: 8/10|
Price: 7/10
Website: ride-engineering.com
Phone: (800) 805-1516