Quick Tip: DIY Throttle Cable Guide

Inside this Quick Tip video, we show you a great way for those who ride in tight woods to ensure that your throttle and/or clutch cables don't get snagged on bar-height branches.

One downfall of several modern MX and off-road bikes is that the cables are not tucked in properly on the handlebar. This can lead to a number of uncommon but still possible occurrences, such as snagging a throttle cable on a branch, or getting a cable caught up in a rider’s own chest protector (don’t laugh, we’ve seen it all...including one poor EnduroCross racer who got his GoPro stuck in a cable!) Additionally, riders who run a lot of accessories (such as GPS units, roll charts, mirrors, and hand guards) on their handlebars may find that they need to ‘tuck in’ a cable slightly to make everything fit. We’ve got a great tip for doing this, which is demonstrated in the following video. Be aware that we have seen top race teams do this for years, and we’ve used it ourselves, and never once have we had a throttle stick due to the cable guide. If you complete this tip correctly, you will not inhibit usage of your controls in the least. Check it out: