Project Bike: Honda XR650L | VIDEO

Trying to get a little more sport out of this dual-sport machine.

The Honda XR650L has been unchanged since 1993. Let’s let that sink in. I was 6 years old and I’m now 31. That being said, Honda must have an extremely compelling reason to keep making the bike and not making any changes. If a bike isn’t selling, a manufacturer has no reason to keep making it. So that means there are lot of you still buying brand new XR650Ls, and when you stop and think about a $6,899 644cc, street-legal, long travel suspended dual sport machine, it is a lot of bike for the money. Next, since aftermarket companies have had ages to come up with parts there is a virtual cacophony of bits and pieces available, let alone all the DYI hacks that can be found on the far flung forums of the internet. In this video we have a 2015 (the same as a ’17) model and just barely scratch the surface of what you can do with this bike.