New Factory Edition SX Chain Guide from TM Designworks

The lighter, slimmer design will help riders combat the Motocross and Supercross conditions

Style and strength come together in TM Designworks' Factory Edition SX Chain Guide.Photo Courtesy of TM Designworks

TM Designworks' adds a new chain guide to its lineup, the Factory Edition SX Chain Guide. This chain guide has a lighter and slimmer design that makes it lighter than both OEM and TMD's GP MX options. The re-designed guide body offers increased ground clearance as well acceptance of sprockets that are 1-2 teeth oversize. A one-of-a-kind design includes a lengthened wear pad and side plates for maximum protection in deep ruts and corners. As always, the Factory Edition SX Guide features the TM Designworks custom return impact memory formula along with oil additives that reduce drag and rolling resistance. Bundle the SX Chain Guide with the premier frame sliders for a discount package Slide-N-Guide Kit.

This product has been tested by factory race teams including Geico Honda, 51FIFTY Energy Yamaha, BPR-Home Depot Yamaha, and Monster Energy Kawasaki Europe. The Factory Edition SX Chain Guide is available for most popular models in multiple colors and retails for only $79.95. For more info or to order go to or call (514) 772-4161

SX Chain Guide Features:

  • 16 Grams Lighter Than TMD GP Guide.
  • Narrower Than OEM / TMD GP Guide
  • More Ground clearance Than OEM
  • Sprocket & Chain Protection
  • Great for Deeps Ruts
  • Reduced Rolling Resistance