Mud Riding Tip Tight Turns with Cody Webb

Off-Road Riding Techniques, part 4 of 4 with KTM's Cody Webb

This article was originally featured in the August 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

We asked FMF KTM Factory racer Cody Webb to share some riding tips for when the ground is muddy. The multi-time EnduroCross and US Trials champion, seen here qualifying for the 2017 ISDE club team program by winning the West Coast Sprint Enduro Qualifier, offered these tips to help when the going gets slippery.

Here is how Webb breaks down some of the more challenging sections to carry momentum through the rain-soaked turf, trees, and elevation of Washougal.

I’m looking straight down. I wouldn’t do this if I were you. Look ahead! I have to remind myself all the time.Dan Baucum
Toes on the outside peg, not dragging the rear brake, outside leg squeezing against the shroud, and looking ahead down the straightaway. [I’m giving] soft acceleration on the throttle since this section was extremely slick, causing a rut that you slide into and bounce out of.Dan Baucum
I’m bouncing out of the rut and the bike is straightening up. I’m starting to shift my weight to the opposite side of the bike for counterweight.Dan Baucum
I’ve completely rebounded out of the rut now and my weight is getting shifted to the other side [inside].Dan Baucum
The rut threw riders into the opposite direction after bouncing out of it. As you can see here, my body has shifted and I now have my weight on the other side [inside] and accelerating.Dan Baucum
My butt has slid back to get more rear-end traction and trying to move forward down the straight.Dan Baucum

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