Motocross Jerseys From Fox, Troy Lee Designs, And Fly Racing

Refresh your style with these motocross jerseys.

Gear companies provide a multitude of color and design options to suit your riding style.Jeff Allen

The motocross jersey can be an outer representation of a motocrosser’s style. Different colors and designs allow for each rider to be unique on the track or the trails. Luckily, you can find the jerseys themselves at reasonable price points from about $20 and upward to about $90. The light weight and moisture-wicking qualities make the jerseys valuable to riders who are determined to ride as fast and as hard as possible on the track—especially in the heat—as well as those looking for an enjoyable, mellow Sunday ride on the trails. If you are shopping for some stylish gear, here are a few jerseys from Fox Racing, Leatt, and Fly Racing that are worth checking out.

Fox Racing 180 Cota Motocross Jersey

Orange you happy that Fox has some bright options for you to choose from?Amazon

The Fox Racing 180 Cota motocross jersey is an option to consider in your hunt for moto style because it comes in bright options and designs attractive to many riders, and features polyester material that wicks moisture. The vented side panels allow airflow to regulate body temperature. A longer tail at the back hem ensures it will stay tucked in. The collar and cuffs are mesh for a comfortable fit too.

Fly Racing F-16 Motocross Jersey

Like the 180 Cota jersey, the Fly Racing F-16 has sublimated graphics, meaning the graphics are transferred using heat for a longer-lasting print.Amazon

Like the Fox 180 Cota jersey, Fly Racing's F-16 jersey has a range of color combos to choose from. Also, like the Cota, it is made of polyester for a light and durable construction. Hate tags? This jersey has a printed label so you won't be itching to remove the pesky label. Since you will be in constant motion, the collar has to have some stretch to allow for movements you make on your dirt bike, so this jersey has a stretchable collar and elastic cuffs. The fit is standard in order to suit many body types.

Troy Lee Designs GP Air 50/50

The Troy Lee Designs GP Air 50/50 is made of large-holed mesh for ventilation.Amazon

A valid option for when the days get warmer, this mesh polyester Troy Lee Designs GP Air 50/50 motocross jersey is designed with airflow in mind. A tapered and angled cuff design and ribbed stretch V-neck collar allow for some comfort when riding. The drop tail with gel print will help keep the jersey tucked into your moto pants.

Fox Racing 180 Przm Motocross Jersey

The main body fabric of the 180 Przm jersey is dyed and the graphics are screen printed. Choose from three color options—navy/red, navy/yellow, and stone.Amazon

The polyester fabric of the Fox Racing 180 Przm jersey pulls moisture away from the body to keep you comfortable and dry while you ride. Like the Fox Racing 180 Cota jersey, this one also allows for airflow through the vented side panels. The mesh collar and cuffs contribute to unrestricting comfort while the longer tail will remain tucked in the back.