Des Nations Results Are In

Belgium gets their 13th win at Des nations as Stefean Everts and Joel Smets finish 2nd and 3rd for a team total of 5. Team USA's Ricky Carmicheal took the victory but team members Tim Ferry and Ryan hughes were plagued with a some bad luck. Rickys 1st place finish combined with Ferrys 9th was good enough for 2nd overall.1. Belgium
2. U S A
3. Finland
4. New Zealand
5. Great Britain
6. Japan
7. Ireland
8. Estonia
9. France
10. Czech Republic
11. South Africa
12. Denmark
Individual Scoring1. Ricky Carmicheal---USA
2. Stefan Everts---------BEL
3. Joel Smets------------BEL
4. Gordon Crockard----IRL
5. Josh Coppins---------NZL
6. Jussi Vehvilainen----FIN
7. Paul Cooper-----------GB
8. Akira Narita----------JPN
9. Tim Ferry------------USA
10. Antti Pyrhonen-------FIN