Grip Clean Hand Soap Review

Get your hands clean but not dry?

This article was originally featured in the September 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

Grip Clean Hand Soap
Grip Clean Hand SoapDirt Rider Staff

We’ve all been there: Mid-project on your bike and you have to run out to pick up that bolt that you really need. No big deal. Just jump in the car and head to the local dealer—until you notice your hands look like the floor of an auto-repair shop. Most of us would grab hand soap or dish soap and scrub, rinse, and repeat until they’re “clean enough.” And then some of us grab a bottle of “orange scrub” and make short work of the grease—and our hands—leaving our hands dry and raw.

This is where Grip Clean comes in. It's a coconut oil- and olive oil-based all-natural industrial cleaner. One of the main grease-/oil-absorbing ingredients that adds the scrub quality is dirt! Yes, the maker adds, "the finest cosmetic-grade dirt found on Earth" (didn't know that was a thing). That might seem counterintuitive, but the dirt not only adds grit to help you scrub, it also is one of the best materials to absorb chemicals, oil, and grease. Ever throw dirt on an oil spill?

As the resident grease monkey at the Bonnier Motorcycle Group, I have to wash my paws regularly. So naturally, when a box of Grip Clean came in, a bottle was quickly thrown my way (the company was started by Bryce Hudson, a freestyle athlete, by the way). In all my years of spinning ratchets and cleaning my hands with the multitude of “orange hand scrub” soaps, I had grown accustomed to having dry, cracked hands. So I didn’t have high hopes for Grip Clean, but it absolutely outperformed my expectations. At first squeeze, it felt and acted like the orange stuff, albeit with a lime scent. Where it set itself apart was when I rinsed it off. My skin didn’t have the normal dry, cracked feeling. I also noted that Grip Clean worked really well with a little water added, unlike the orange stuff that seems to deteriorate with water.

The only real negative of Grip Clean is its 14-ounce “shampoo-esque” bottle. Since you have to grip and squeeze with dirty hands you now have to clean the bottle as well. No biggie though; the cleaner is offered in an industrial-grade wall-mounted dispenser, which now needs to find a home in my shop.

So if you’re looking for a new bottle of hand cleaner, or not, grab yourself a bottle of Grip Clean. Your greasy, nasty, hands will thank you.

PRICE 18/20