Rad Dad National Enduro Photo Gallery 2015

We have a real dog fight going on right now in the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series, with Kailub Russell leading Russell Bobbitt by just nine points after four rounds. You can’t leave out defending champ Andrew DeLong and 2012 champ Steward Baylor, who have just had more bad luck this year than should be allowed.

Russell nearly got his first win of the season in Tennessee this past weekend, but Bobbitt poured it on in the last test and snatched the victory away by four points. Luckily, Shan Moore was there with his trusty Nikon.

Our NEPG fearless leaders, Al and Melissa Randt. Photo By Shan Moore
Not exactly sure what Cory Buttrick is doing here, but it’s weird! Photo By Shan Moore
Andrew DeLong had have the worst luck in the world and still have a smile on his face. Photo By Shan Moore
Not sure if Russell Bobbitt is signing an autograph or drawing a secret treasure map. Photo By Shan Moore
Aussie Daniel Milner jokingly says we have Sh*t for food over here, but he’s getting used to America…. Slowly. Photo By Shan Moore
Josh Strang, another Aussie, says he’s struggling with the enduro format. Photo By Shan Moore
Steward Baylor was making a big splash until he threw it away in the fourth test. Photo By Shan Moore
Russell Bobbitt earned his first win of the year. Photo By Shan Moore
Kailub Russell missed out on his first national enduro win of the year by four points. Photo By Shan Moore
Cory Buttrick ran as high as fourth early in the race. Photo By Shan Moore
Yeah, yeah, back-to-back shots of Buttrick, but this one was just too good to pass up. Photo By Shan Moore
Josh Strang in one of the “wetter” sections. Photo By Shan Moore
Brad Bakken dodges a tree. Photo By Shan Moore
Grant Baylor was third on the day. Photo By Shan Moore
One last smile from Strang. Photo By Shan Moore