Love Your Clutch

Photos by Heather Lewis

The clutch is one of the tools your bike is equipped with that few riders get the most out of. For some it is just for starting and stopping and others like to smoke them. But having excellent control of the clutch can really help your riding in so many ways. Here are some tips and drills to improve your control of the lever on the left.


1. Clutch adjustment is very important. Not only is the angel of the lever on the handlebar critical, the engagement or friction point needs to me adjusted so you hand can comfortably control the lever without compromising your grip on the bar or having the lever bump against your knuckles. Of course operating the lever by using only one or two fingers is the only way to have control when you really need it. And if there is any drag or friction in the operation of the lever, or drag from work or warped plates, that is like adding a delay to what you want the bike to do; Not good.