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Dear Dirt Rider,

I think you guys are the bomb to say the least and ever since I picked up a Dirt Rider I've been hooked. I'm racing next season and I was just wanting some tips and if at all possible some dirt rider stickers to put on my bike if possible. You guys are great!**Gage Gassmann

Masonville, IA**

Thank you very much for the comment. We like to think everybody who reads Dirt Rider likes our magazine and us as much as you do, but we can never know for sure. Good luck with your racing next year. Oh yeah, that leads me to a question: What are you racing next year? Motocross? Off-road? Flat track? Dirt bikes? Quads? Power wheels? Whichever discipline you decide to take up, you need to know that practicing a lot, and I mean A LOT will really help. Don't forget to hit the gym and get in some intense workouts. Proper nutrition never hurt anybody so that might be something worth looking into. When you start winning don't get distracted by all the girls who never noticed you before. Trust me, that's the hard part! Oh, and send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we'll send you some stickers. - Chris Green