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Jimmy, I seem to trust your motorcycle-riding knowledge and was wondering what you would advise on eating before a two-hour cross-country race (perhaps an article in the mag). I have eaten spaghetti on Fridays before the race in the past, but I'm not sure if that is the thing to do or not.Matt Gibson

_I'm no scientist and I'm not the best at nutrition, so you may be asking the wrong guy. In fact I look at my stomach as a gas tank and I just try and keep it full, sometimes with 87 octane too. But I usually ate spaghetti before big races too, because it worked for me. But I know there are a lot of different theories on this and I'll tell you the one I know is true. It isn't what you eat the night before that makes the difference; it is what you have been doing for the last few months and years leading up to this race that will make the difference. You could wreck all that with an improper meal, but I hate to tell you the number of times I've seen a guy with not much of a routine nor decent eating habits use heart and desire (maybe a load of natural talent) take it to a guy who stresses over every meal. That said, and hopefully you are over 21 as well, don't be afraid to wash it all down with a beer.** -Jimmy Lewis**_