Gasoline Versus Electric - Motorcycles At A Shocking Crossroads - Dirt Rider Magazine

Mark May 7th 2010 on your calendars, it could be a pivotal day in motorcycle history. Because at MiniMoto 2010 they are taking gasoline and electric motorcycles and racing them head-to-head. Sure it is only minibike racing and it isn't at the so-called highest level, I'm pretty sure we are still a while away from seeing electric bikes at Supercross and Motocross Nationals. But for the electric bikes to show up and challenge in the 16" wheels size class in an accomplishment in itself/ I would know, I rode one a few years back and it wouldn't have stood a chance in any gas powered class.Quantya and Zero Motorcycles are here and they have some top riders on the machines to see if they can firstly take it to the gas burners and secondly see who has the better bikes between themselves. There are even some pretty decent guys riding the gas bikes, if I do say so myself. (I'm racing a gas powered BBR CRF150F.) OK, Guys like Damon Huffman, Sebastien Tortelli, Drew Gosselaar are piloting the electric bikes.So what is going to happen? Are volts better than recycled refined hydrocarbons? Well if you are in the Las Vegas area you could go to the Orleans Arena and see for yourself, or check out and see if they post some results up there. Or you could bomb this blog with questions and I'll tell you how it all went down and what I really think. Of course I'm going to sample one or two of the electric bikes right after the race too, just to be on the safe side.

The Quantya guys are ready.
Zero Motorcycles is staked out on the other side of the pits.
The MiniMoto Track at the Orleans awaits.
There will be plenty of gas powered craziness as well.