Nick Wey's TCX Pro 2.1 MX Boots From the Future - Dirt Rider Magazine

Don't ask us how, but we managed to sneak some photos of Nick Wey's all-new, futuristic TCX Pro 2.1 motocross boots as they were making their way from the airport to his place. These aren't scheduled to be available until mid-to-late summer, but Wey gets his now for a chance to give his final input into the design. Here's what's new on the popular high-end TCX boot.

The refined bike-side of the TCX Pro 2.1 looks to have more grip integrated into the Torsion Control System skeleton. Wey has been developing the traction "bars" near the heel this Supercross season. Also, the whole inside of the boot looks flatter and more seamless where the Torsion Control System joins up.
TCX isn't buying into the molded, one-piece sole program. They are traditionalists in a sense for the sewn-on sole. However, they're obviously adding more plastic pieces to their boot shape as the outside toe-area and all the way to the buckles is one piece of integrated plastic. The sole is reportedly easy to replace and should have the same wear characteristics as previous versions.
More plastic panels are found in the upper of the boot as well. Here, the venting detail is shown. By using plastic in conjunction with leather panels the boot likely gains some rigidity while maintaining or even losing weight. Plus, it's easy to incorporate vents into plastic as well as cool shifter catches (check the heel of the left boot in other images) and other fancy things.
All new buckles (we tried them a few times to make sure they worked) look nice and work well. Custom color combinations may be an option in the future as they look into mixing the different parts of the buckles up with different color options.
A new gaiter on the top of the boot is better looking and likely more functional than the previous version.