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Spousal Support
This letter is for all the men, or women who grew up riding and now have a spouse that is not as passionate. I grew up in a family that rode all the time. We all had bikes and would hit the local dunes or trails as often as possible. After getting married and having my first child I sold my bike (reluctantly). Other than riding with buddies on borrowed bikes I had not rode like I was accustomed to in about nine years. It was then that we relocated to an area that was all about riding. I bought a bike for my kids to learn on and putt around our property, and with a little persuasion and persistence I got my wife to ride. The next two months I found myself buying bikes for the entire family, and a trailer that would get the job done. My wife was raised with the mindset that dirt bikes, four wheelers, etc. were all dangerous and only insane people did that. After getting my wife on a bike that fit her properly and giving her adequate instructions on how to keep it safe she has turned into a junkie! We have since moved to allow us to access forest service approved trails from our property and all that we do hinge on riding. I never thought that I would see the day that my wife would want to ride as much as I do. It is a great sport to get the whole family into. A family that rides together stays together! If my wife's outlook on riding can be changed anyone's can. I believe getting a person on the right bike for their needs can make or break a future rider. Also getting a subscription to DR is also a very good way to inform and educate which has aided in the efforts immensely.
Jason Thatch
Sisters, Or.
Jason, You are a lucky man as I'm sure most of the stories go the other direction and the man never rides again. We don't get those letters; those stories end up in women's magazines from the ladies trying to figure out how to make their men happy. -Jimmy Lewis