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Bench Rider
I was reading my new Dirt Rider mag last night and was very interested in the Dream Shop section. One of your guys had a "Bike Bench" in his garage that he built with some plans submitted by a reader. Where could I find those plans?
Dave Kopczynski
Ellensburg, WA_Those plans are from the 1980s, so I don't know if I could dig them up still, but I wouldn't want to. The workbox is made with a hinged top. You kick out the back flap, and it becomes a ramp to roll the bike up. It is okay for rolling the bike up, but it is too steep and wants to push the box forward. When you take the bike off, you have to stand facing partially backward and kick the flap out. The bike goes into reverse at what feels like 50mph with you off balance and facing the wrong way. After the work it took to make the top teeter-totter, it was disappointing. Also, there is no room under the box to store parts coming off of the bike. If I built another one I would make a simple box with open sides. Mine is 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide. I mounted an ATK bike shoe on the front to hold the front wheel. I think KTM has them now. With open sides the parts could go under as they came off. I'd use a normal ramp to get the bike on and off. I do that with mine now that I screwed the back flap solid for safety. The tilting top is also too flexible. A plain box with the top screwed down would be stronger and lighter. -Karel Kramer_