Molly Culver takes Rider Education course at Honda

Dirt Rider Adventures' Molly Culver takes Rider Education course at Honda Red Rider Ranch in Colton, California.If you've seen Dirt Rider Adventures on OLN Television, then you've see Molly Culver as the host of the weekly offroad show. Check out Dirt Rider's home page for air times, and more details at the special link to Dirt Rider Adventures.Today, Molly is at the Rider Education Center in Colton, California, extending her training and polishing her skills. The purpose of this center, owned and operated by American Honda, is to educate and train riders in both riding skills, and in environmental awareness. Kids, teenagers, and adults all assemble at this "Red Rider Ranch" in the city to become better and more responsible riders in the areas of street, offroad, and ATV. Special advanced courses are also taught in Supermoto and Flat Track.Molly decided that this would be a great place to get some expert training and accelerate her practice. The one-day class that Molly chose is geared specifically toward exposing the riders to the disciplines of Flat Track. If she hadn't already had her Dirt Rider Adventures custom gear with her, she could have gone to the huge room full of Fox gear, and pulled her size off the rack to wear just for the day.The first lesson of the day is on gear and safety. Next, each member of the class is fitted with identical Honda XR100s. The course is short and slow, so these easy-to-ride, and low-power bikes are perfect for training. The 19 lessons will begin with starting the engine, and continue through weight distribution, counter balancing, acceleration and braking. There are also lessons in the classroom.Dirt Werx, the experts in charge of building Supercross tracks, makes the special surface for general offroad training at the Red Rider Ranch. It is mostly flat, and just a little bit slippery to be challenging. While it does simulate dirt track riding, the knowledge gained here is applicable to all forms of motorcycle riding. Near the end of the lessons, the team wets down the track for a mud-fest that is truly slippery and challenging. Molly had a ton of fun getting really covered with the clay dirt. Street riders come to this cone-lined dirt track to polish their skills for emergency procedures they might find on the road. The advanced coursed in offroad will take the riders to the natural terrain section of the ranch which contains a sand wash, stair-steps, whoops, and rocks to practice negotiating.Molly listened carefully, remembered to keep her elbows up, and to shift her weight often. The training staff is excellent. They are an appropriate blend of patience and insistence. The track staff carries flags to direct the riders, whistles, and a megaphone. One staff member leads the riders around the course, and will yell from bike to bike as needed. I think Molly got some friendly instruction when she tried to pass a 60 year old woman on the last lap.During the dinner break that is included with the course, we sat down with Molly to see if any of this excellent info was soaking in.Dirt Rider: Why did you decide to enroll at the Rider Education Center?Molly Culver: I want to learn and become a better rider any time I can. Also, I wanted to see what advantages flat track racers have over other riders when it comes to Supermoto. I think because of their comfort level sliding a bike sideways they are really well suited to transfer that to Supermoto.DR: Molly, what did you gain by going through this training program?MC: I think I am a safer rider. This course puts you right up against dangerous, or what you think is dangerous, and teaches you to do that safely. It really gave me confidence to deal with sliding and slipping around on the surface.DR: You have ridden offroad bikes before. Do you feel this could be beneficial to the seasoned rider, as well as the beginner?MC: Yes, I do. If you learn just one new thing, just one small technique, then you are that much better at the sport. So much of this is building blocks, you need to get a good foundation learned correctly. For more information on the Rider Education Center, call Lowell Christensen and schedule a class.Rider Education Center
1301 Via Venita
Colton, California 92324-4009
(909) 824-7080